12-Year-Boy Trips And Punches Hole In $1.5 Million Painting From 17th Century

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    This Sunday in Tapei a 12-year-old boy tripped and punched a hole through a 17th century painting valued $1.5 million dollars. The boy was on a guided tour of “The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius” exhibit at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

    “This is just a simple accident please don’t blame a 12 year-old child,” TST wrote on Facebook. Insurance will cover the restoration costs, which are being done in Taiwan before the painting is sent back to Italy.

    More info: Facebook (h/t: focustaiwan, theguardian)

    Video credits: CNA

    “Once these works are damaged, they are permanently damaged,” says the exhibition’s Facebook page

    “The boy’s hand made contact with the artwork and left a hole the size of a fist”

    “The painting’s bottom right is damaged”

    “When we start working on the painting’s restoration, the priority is to strengthen its structure”

    “not retouching the paint on the damaged area”

    “This is just a simple accident please don’t blame a 12 year-old child”

    Insurance will cover the restoration costs before the piece is shipped back to Italy
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