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Hi. Below is a license, for you to use with the following software:

Google Dominator
Google Samurai
Google SEO Branding Emulator
Monitor Clienti
Piese Auto Dominator
Social Dominator
Google Branding
Email dominator

The same license works for all the software and they will bring more software within this month.
So you should check the website often, or register an account so you that receive an email when they release new software.
They will be releasing about 12 new software this month.

The license key for those software is: YYY-VVV-WWW-SSS-222

I hope you enjoy them.
If you have questions or requests, do not hesitate to tell me here.
I am also looking for some kind of pertners for those that are interested.
I'll get straight to the point and I will not argue that software we create us are the way to the future.
It is clear that increasingly more people become interested in such software.

- There are companies or individuals who require certain software specially created for their needs
- There are many people who want and use the software they have already made. Even more, every day we receive proposals on which we make software to be used by the masses.

We have a little problem! As you noticed since the beginning of this project to create software, we have very big problems with managamanetul.
Because all our time goes to the writing of software, problems arise when we want to issue invoices, to create tutorials to write texts about each software function ... and other things like that do not honor a business.

However, the success you have such software is even beyond our expectations. any potential collaborator, would draw jackpot winner if they had access to our world.
Congratulations, you now have a small loophole in which you can enter this world and you could be part of a project that will follow to develop you more than you could imagine.
Thinkers in this proposal, as it founders come from Google, before becoming so popular. You miss such an opportunity?

What types of partnerships would I need?
There are 3 types of partnerships that we can have:

CAREFUL! collaboration offer remains valid only in January. If I started a collaboration or partnership by the end of this month, the offer will not be valid!

1) A transient collaboration
2) A partnership permanently.
3) Volunteer Partners

- What it means to be a collaborator? It means to sponsor the construction of a software which you believe it will sell very well and collect a share of sales of that software, for life.
Basically, if you paid for the construction of software that you think will sell, we sell and we provide lifetime you will receive share of the sale of that software.
You can of course to sponsor the development of several software and make sure an early retirement.
Where ideas Software? We have hundreds of ideas already, but we are also open to your ideas.

- What is a permanent partnership? It means that you make an investment in our business and become acceptable shareholder with a percentage of total revenues.
More on that represents the investment, and then we can talk by phone to a meeting.

- What does a volunteer partner? It means a person who knows our style of work, already knows about how our software works and if you offer to test software in beta, would do learn to use it without making them offer tutorials.
The purpose of this volunteer partner, is to test the software very quickly and we request the necessary changes for it to work perfectly.
But most importantly, the volunteer is to create texts about soft, about which features and putting them on the site. Besides text, and video tutorials must do.

Although it is voluntary, paid these partners with 5 to 15 licenses for the software in question, depending on its complexity.
Partner has the option to resell those licenses by any means want and at what price they wish.

If you are not interested in such collaborations, but know people who might be interested in a serious and collaboration, you can send this message on.

Thank you.