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New Recipes For Maximum Response

CD converted to mp3 + pdf transcript.

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Benefit Headlines and Shouting Your USP Guarantees Success — Right?
World's Highest-Paid Copywriter Says,


Startling, Heretical and PROVEN: 27 Startling NEW Secrets That Supercharge Ad Copy
And Drive Response and Profits Through the Roof Even in Today's Increasingly Skeptical Markets

Dear Business Builder,

You're doing everything right:

You're shouting product benefits from the rooftops ...
You're presenting your Unique Selling Proposition at every opportunity …
And you're following every other direct response rule you've ever learned ...

… But your direct mail, Internet and print ads are still producing lukewarm results.

It's a puzzle: WHY aren't the venerable old rules of direct response working as
well as they used to?

The secret reason why you're marketing more … spending more ... and profiting less:

Today and every day, your average prospect and customer will be
bombarded with a mind-numbing 245 sales messages — each making more
outrageous claims and more generous offers than the one before.

To cut through the clutter and get your sales messages read, you need more than
40-year-old rules and formulas!

You need cutting-edge copy strategies and tactics that recognize
the reality of today's crowded and increasingly skeptical marketplace:

Proven secrets for slicing through the clutter — and that make it impossible f
or prospects and customers to look away!

In short, you need ...

A NEW Recipe for Maximum Response!

Direct response legend Robert W. Bly will grill one of America's most successful
copywriter to get the answers you need!

It's called The New Recipes for Maximum Response Teleseminar — and
if you're ready for something as fresh as today's news -- and as real as
today's response reports – you do NOT want to miss it!

For a full hour, 33-year copywriting veteran and AWAI "Copywriter
of the Year" CLAYTON MAKEPEACE will reveal the secrets he's using right
now to produce grand-slam homeruns on the Internet and in direct mail.

In this one-time-only teleseminar, Makepeace — who is widely known
for promotions that have produced more than $1 BILLION in sales for his
clients — will give you the keys to producing bigger winners, more often
in today's challenging markets ...

A fascinating guided tour of your prospect's brain, beliefs and
buying preferences as of March 15, 2006: What you must do NOW to seize
your prospects' attention … What you must say to get them to listen, and
… What you must offer them to close the sale!

3 Surprising Reasons Why Benefit-Oriented Headlines Are No Longer
Enough: The sea change in customer attitudes that's making everything
you think you know about headline writing obsolete – and how you can USE
these new realities to create bigger winners, more often!

The New Art of the Irresistible Headline: 4 powerful strategies
that instantly leverage even the most cynical prospects' skepticism into
soaring response rates!

Conquering the Internet Syndrome: 3 ways the growth of the Internet costs
you – and how to overcome every one.

Irresistible Offers for Challenging Times: The 7 crucial components of every
successful offer – and how to use each one to create breakthroughs even in
today's tough marketing environment!

And much, MUCH MORE!

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