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The Copywriting Course that shows you:

How To Increase Your Sales
and Your Search Engine Positioning
169-page copywriting course

Enlightening online copywriting techniques
geared specifically toward getting your site ranked high and
converting big time!
It’s extremely frustrating to work so hard at creating copy that sells and ranks high with the search engines only to find that… it doesn’t. What’s wrong? And better yet… how do you fix it? It starts with one important bit of knowledge…

All Customers Are NOT the Same...Most Search Engines ARE

If all customers are not the same (and they most definitely are not) then think about this... how can one-size-fits-all copywriting - with no course or focus - apply to every type of customer? The truth is... it can't! And one-size-fits-all copywriting doesn't SELL to every type of customer, either.

Yet still... countless people who have never taken a qualified copywriting course sit down to write and just blindly put words on a page. They give no thought to who will be reading that page. You have to understand your customers. You have to be able to tap into what they need and then give it to them. Otherwise you're just wasting screen space.

Most search engines, on the other hand, are pretty much the same when it comes to getting solid, high rankings. There are certain things you should do - and not do - in order to achieve those coveted top spots.

Content is still king… IF you understand how to create “search engine copy.“