Ultimate List of free SEO tools to rank your website!


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1. Screaming Frog

What it does: Crawls a URL and diagnoses a number of technical issues
Tool type: Desktop app
Link: http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

2. Google – Search Console

What it does: Helps with almost everything you need as an SEO
Tool type: Website
Link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en

3. SEO Site Checkup

What it does: An entire suite of valuable free SEO tools
Tool type: Website
Link: http://seositecheckup.com/tools

4. Google – Analytics

What it does: Checks referral traffic, organic traffic, etc
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.google.com/analytics

5. Mozbar – Canonical Check

What it does: Checks canonicalization of a web page
Tool type: Browser plug-in
Link: http://www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar

6. Majestic SEO

What it does: Checks citation flow, trust flow, backlink analyzer
Tool type: Browser plug-in
Link: http://www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar

7. Yext

What it does: Checks for local citation duplicates
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.yext.com

8. HTTP Response Checker

What it does: Bulk HTTP response code test, includes which URL they are redirected to
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.tomanthony.co.uk/tools/bu...header-compare

9. Moz – Google Algorithm Updates

What it does: The best tracker of Google’s algorithm updates + explanations
Tool type: Blog post
Link: http://www.seomoz.org/google-algorithm-change

10. Search Latte

What it does: Checks the international SERPS
Tool type: Website
Link: http://searchlatte.com

11. SEO Site Checkup

What it does: Checks IP redirects to help solve duplicate content problems
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.seositecheckup.com

12. Mozbar – Keyword checker

What it does: Checks keyword density and other on page factors
Tool type: Browser Plug-In
Link: http://www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar

13. Open Link Profiler

What it does: Checks backlinks of a website
Tool type: Website
Link: http://openlinkprofiler.org

14. BuzzStream – Data Extractor

What it does: Checks meta description, title tag and keywords of a page
Tool type: Website
Link: http://tools.buzzstream.com/meta-tag-extractor

15. SEO Browser

What it does: Checks a website page from a search engine’s point of view
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.seo-browser.com

16. Google – Page Speed Test

What it does: Checks to see the technical issues holding page optimal page load times
Tool type: Website
Link: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed

17. SEO Mofo – Snippet Optimizer

What it does: Helps to optimize SERP CTR by showing you page title, metas, etc
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html

18. SEO SERP – Position Tracker (Multiple Sites)

What it does: Checks multiple sites for keyword rankings
Tool type: Chrome Browser Extension
Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...apbmdddddioklg

19. Google – Rich Snippet Tester

What it does: Tests URLs to tell if they’re showing rich snippets in SERPs
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

20. Motoricerca – Robots.txt Tester

What it does: Tests Robots.txt file
Tool type: Website
Link: http://tool.motoricerca.info/robots-checker.phtml


What it does: Views any webpage without distractions caused by styles, highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.browseo.net

22. SERP Metrics

What it does: Checks search engine fluctuations over time period
Tool type: Website
Link: http://api.serpmetrics.com/flux

23. StatCounter

What it does: Checks your website’s market share in the SERPs
Tool type: Website
Link: http://gs.statcounter.com/#search_en...-201107-201207

24. SEOBook – Rank Tracker

What it does: Tracks rankings of multiple keywords from a browser plug-in
Tool type: Browser Plug-In
Link: http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker

25. SEO Tools – Cloak Checker

What it does: Detects whether a website uses “cloaking”
Tool type: Website
Link: http://www.seotools.com/seo-cloaking-checker

26. Ontolo’s SERP Dominator

What it does: Checks the top 100 SERP results for the keywords you input
Tool type: Website
Link: http://ontolo.com/seo-serp-dominator

27. Google – Markup Help

What it does: Helps you create data markup for pages on your site (local business, reviews, etc)
Tool type: Website
Link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/markup-helper

28. Schema.org

What it does: Helps you create schema markup for your website
Tool type: Website
Link: http://schema-creator.org