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Virtual Credit Card Supp : AWS , LBC Azure & Aruba
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Advantages to clients:

  • Bitcoin wallet + bitcoin exchange + bitcoin debit card + bitcoin payment processor

  • Market leader with more than 4 years global experience

  • Easy conversion of bitcoin to USD/EUR/GBP

  • Low currency exchange rates

  • No loading, withdrawal or purchase limits

  • Spending in preferred currency

  • Cheap plastic and virtual debit cards

  • Live support 24/7

  • Various options to buy and sell bitcoins

  • Up to six cards per account

  • Loading card using over 20 payment methods

  • SpectroCoin can be connected to PayPal account

  • Debit cards to make purchases both online and offline

  • Worldwide debit card delivery for free

  • Highly secured operations

  • Friendly interface and excellent support

About SpectroCoin:

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SpectroCoin is an all in one solution for bitcoin offering bitcoin wallet, bitcoin exchange, bitcoin debit card and bitcoin payment processor.

The company has more than 140,000 clients and operates for more than 4 years.
SpectroCoin is available in 130 countries that make it easy to spend bitcoins around the world.

SpectroCoin debit cards can be used anywhere where VISA or MasterCard are supported regardless of whether a merchant accepts Bitcoin or not.

Currently, SpectroCoin is working to make Bitcoin debit cards even easier to use, as instead of pre-paid cards, new Bitcoin debit cards will be linked to an active Bitcoin wallet at all times eliminating the need to load and unload the card each time. SpectroCoin is also working on significantly reducing card fees and making mobile app more compatible with Bitcoin debit card.

SpectroCoin.com is a Bitcoin service provider with a focus on highly fractioned markets. SpectroCoin offers a wide range of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency solutions, ranging from Bitcoin wallet and Bitcoin exchange, which offers over 20 ways to purchase bitcoins, to prepaid debit card. In addition to this, SpectroCoin.com provides versatile and customers friendly solutions to help merchants accept cryptocurrency payments in their business.

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